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Who does Health Pro Digital work with?

Health Pro Digital works with individual health practitioners, academics, researchers, health/medical writers, and small to medium-sized health businesses with an aim to help them to reach a large audience on the internet. Health Pro Digital teaches its clients the necessary website management skills necessary to run their own websites and produce quality health content that will rank well in Google and attract engagement and shares on social media. 

I'm not a health professional. Can Health Pro Digital still help me?

Health Pro Digital is a niche service focused on helping health professionals with their websites and health-related content marketing. However, the principles could be applied to any industry. Get in touch with us anyway for a consultation.

How is Health Pro Digital different from the web developer or agency down the road?

Many web agencies have high overhead costs which can translate to you paying much more for a website or other digital services. Many “maintenance” services are things you can manage yourself with a little know-how from Health Pro Digital.

Health Pro Digital is all about self-sufficiency. We’re a lean and mean non-agency helping health professionals help themselves in the digital world. 

Health Pro Digital employs a “teach-you-to-fish” approach. We don’t WANT to maintain your website for you. We want to empower you with jargon-free digital education so you can take charge of and manage your websites and SEO content strategy.

Once you understand the foundations, then you can knock out the quick tasks on your own and outsource more time-heavy ones for a fair and reasonable fixed price.

Do web developers and agencies really screw me over that bad?

The market sets the rate and, unfortunately, for a small to medium-sized health business with a limited budget, costs can be astronomical and cost-prohibitive. In many cases, web developers charge you tens of thousands for a website but, in actual fact, they don’t “build” you a site. They just use commercially available pop-out templates (that you could buy on your own) and then farm out the work to India or the Philippines for a fraction of what they’re charging you. Once your website is set up, then you might have to continue paying ongoing monthly “maintenance” fees and additional charges for basic changes and updates to your site.

Beware of cheap website packages. You often get what you pay for. You can pay $500 for a small online “business card” with three pages. Want more pages? Of course you do, but it’s going to cost you…. a fortune.

With Health Pro Digital, we can build your website for you for a fraction of the cost of web agencies and we do the work here in Australia. Once launched, we’ll educate you on how to manage your site and create new pages so you can grow your content for free. 

An agency quoted me $25,000 for a custom website. Do I really NEED a custom site?

Depending on your business and your specific needs, you may or may not need a custom website.


At the most basic level, if you just need a small pop-out website to simply have web presence, then you definitely do NOT need a custom website.


If you want a website to make patient bookings, sell products, and publish content, then you may or may not need a custom website. If your needs can be easily met by commercially available solutions or plugins, then you do NOT need a custom site.


However, if you have very specialised and complicated needs that require some tricky coding, then a custom option may be your best way forward.


The bottom line is that, in most cases, you probably don’t need an expensive, custom-built site.


Also, bear in mind that a custom built site can also enslave you to the web developer or agency and make it more difficult to move to a new website or new web agency/developer should the need arise.


Here at Health Pro Digital, we’re all about keeping you in control of your website. At no point do we take or maintain control of your digital assets.  


Why should I care about my website or online presence? Isn't social media all that matters these days?

If you don’t care about your web presence, then rest assured your competitors do. They will outrank you in organic search results and push you further down into Google search oblivion (i.e., page 2 and beyond).

Take charge and learn how to effectively and efficiently run your own website, as well as produce valuable “shareworthy” content.  

Yes, social media is important and, yes, it matters, but within social media environments, there are endless distractions competing for a user’s attention. But if you can pry them away from a social platform and onto your website, then you have their undivided attention. If you’re producing excellent content, then they are more likely to stick around and build trust with you and your brand.

I don't know sh*t about websites. Can Health Pro Digital help me?

If you don’t know the difference between your hosting account, registrar, and WordPress dashboard, then you’re the perfect client for Health Pro Digital. You might be an awesome health practitioner, but there’s no shame in acknowledging websites aren’t your strong suit. After all, they didn’t teach web design at university.

Health Pro Digital takes all the complicated stuff and puts it into simple non-techie terms using common analogies that everyone can understand. This allows you to develop an understanding of website foundations and how all the components of a website fit together. Once you understand how it all works, then you can run the show yourself and delegate out the more tedious time wasters to your staff or an outside consultant at a fair and fixed price. This saves you time and money and gives you better control over your site, its ongoing performance, and your IT budget.

Will I have to learn complicated web programming languages?

In a word: no. There might be small things that you will learn along the way that relate to coding but you will not need to put your life on hold for a decade to learn coding languages from top to bottom.

Consider your car. You know how to turn the key, start it, put it in gear, and drive forward. Every so often, you might have to open the bonnet and check the oil or air filter. You can do this yourself, but it doesn’t mean you need to understand every aspect of a combustion engine.

With your website, there might be times where it’s cost-effective and advantageous to outsource customisations to a freelancer, but this will be a one-off fixed charge which you negotiate rather than having to accept a high-ball offer from a web developer taking advantage of you (which is common).

My website is not built on WordPress. Can Health Pro Digital still help me?

Yes. There are commonalities across all websites and content management systems. Many of the foundation principles of the Health Pro Digital approach are applicable across different platforms. 

For full disclosure, Health Pro Digital is primarily focused on WordPress as its preferred content management system due to its intuitive ease. 

Can't I just learn all this website and SEO stuff on my own?

Absolutely! You can do it on your own if you have a spare 10 years to burn scouring the internet learning everything from the ground up. You’ll make a tonne of mistakes and probably break your site more times than you can count.

Health Pro Digital has “been there, done that” so you don’t have to. Consulting sessions and workshops are focused on the most important bits that you need to know so you can get your website done right the first time without all the hassle.

Moreover, Health Pro Digital saves you serious money over the long-term by educating you (and your team) so you don’t need to pay a web developer to make even the most basic changes to your site.

My website is a mess. Can Health Pro Digital help me slay the monster and get it under control?

If your website looks like a messy garage you’d rather not touch, then rest assured, you’re not alone. You’ll work together with Health Pro Digital as a team to take stock of your situation and formulate a plan to get you back on track. Once we clean and organise it, then it’s much easier to maintain moving forward.

Think of your website as a newly potted plant. You must give it regular sunlight and water, change the soil once in a while (and maybe even talk nicely to it once in a while. They love that carbon dioxide you’re exhaling!).

Health Pro Digital helps you help yourself. If you have a practice with support staff, Health Pro Digital can educate them to run and manage your website effectively and efficiently.

Isn't it easier to just pay for Google Adwords instead of trying to rank organically?

Google AdWords has its place, but you really need to know what you’re doing. Get it wrong and you can haemorrhage a fortune on lots of time-wasting tyre-kickers for little return.

With Health Pro Digital, you can turn your website into a loyal and dedicated employee that generates organic search traffic and leads 24/7.

How do I pay for services?

Once you’ve contracted Health Pro Digital to carry out a service, we will invoice you for the amount due. This can be paid for by bank transfer or we can send you a link to pay by credit card.

When are fees due for services?

Depending on the service and our ongoing relationship with you, payment is expected before the service is rendered.  We hope you’ll appreciate that website audits, website and SEO training (preparation and delivery), and custom services are incredibly time-consuming and labour intensive and we can’t commit to doing that amount of work without payment.

Fees for new websites will be broken down as follows:
1) 50% due at commencement of project
2) 25% due at the time of the website’s soft launch
3) 25% due at completion of the site and at handover to you

Do you offer refunds?

We guarantee our work. If you are not completely satisfied, we will endeavour to fix or improve the issue to your satisfaction. Our aim is to satisfy any and all issues professionally and respectfully. 

We do not offer a refund if you simply change your mind after work has started. Health Pro Digital invests significant time and effort in both preparation and execution of a project, so we cannot leave ourselves financially exposed.  We will review each matter on a case by case basis and look for an amicable resolution.

We will refund you 100% if you change your mind before any work has started.


Contact us and ask away! We’ll spend the time to answer any questions you may have.

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