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A fast and efficient website with great content delivers an excellent user experience and helps improve your position in search engine results. A website audit gives you a roadmap for pinpointing website strengths and weaknesses that compromise your site’s performance

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of your website. There are numerous factors which can affect your website’s page loading time, security, health, user experience, and, ultimately, your online visibility and position in search engine results. It is imperative that your site runs as fast and smoothly as possible and contains high quality, search engine optimised content.

A website audit with Health Pro Digital can provide you with a treasure trove of information about your site’s strengths and limitations. Fine-tuning your website is a sure-fire way to make sure it works for you like a loyal employee 24/7/365.

You’ll receive a 90-minute consultation on the audit results and actionable steps you can take to address critical issues affecting your website.

A site audit can be purchased as a stand-alone service or can be integrated into a website and SEO training session for 15% off the full price (or A$845).


elements of a site audit

Health Pro Digital conducts a thorough and exhaustive website audit which covers over 70 parameters. We’ll collate the information in a final report and conduct a post-audit meeting to discuss the results and present options for addressing any issues.

User Experience

Easy navigation, intuitive design, and clear and concise content delivers an excellent user experience that will keep your visitors on your site for longer and increase the likelihood of them coming back for more.

Website Speed

A fast loading website is an important factor that plays into both user experience and search engine ranking algorithms. An audit helps identify your site’s bloat so you can dramatically improve page load times.

Keyword Analysis

A site audit can help you identify keyword opportunities and threats  which can impact your ranking in search engine results. Choice of keywords and keyword phrases can have a huge impact on page rank.

On-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to actions which can be taken on the site to improve its search engine rankings (i.e., optimised heading and title tags, meta descriptions, images, alt tags, and efficient keyword usage).

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-page optimisation refers to actions that can be taken outside of the website to improve search engine rankings (i.e., gaining high quality incoming backlinks from other authoritative websites).

Content Evaluation

Content must be high quality and reflect your brand and business goals. It must be well-written, relevant, and genuinely useful for readers (i.e., solve a problem, answer a question). Nail this and you’ll attract an audience.

On-Site Link Analysis

Internal and external (outgoing) links must be strategically implemented and use optimised anchor text. This improves user experience and helps search engines better understand your site and how it fits together.

Backlink Analysis

A thorough backlink analysis which reviews link quality and quantity and can help inform where you need to improve. We can help you identify content strategies to attract high quality do-follow backlinks.

Website Security

A site security audit finds exposed areas where a hacker might attack (i.e., outdated CMS, themes, plugins, default user names, exposed login fields, no SSL certificate, no site backups, poor quality hosting).


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