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Website and SEO training with Health Pro Digital gives you the knowledge and skills to set up and manage your online presence.

Why invest in website and SEO training?

Your website is a reflection of your business’ branding, mission, and values. And no one is going to protect your company’s online presence and reputation like you and your team.  

If you run a small to medium-sized health enterprise, Health Pro Digital can help you bring the running of your site in-house, or help you launch your new website the right way using SEO best practices. We work with you on-site or remotely via screen sharing.

Health Pro Digital uses a “teach-you-how-to-fish” model where you and your team learn to effectively and efficiently run your website and put systems in place to manage your site over the long-term. This saves you thousands of dollars by significantly reducing or eliminating recurring web developer fees. With an understanding of how your site works, you can outsource more complicated or time-intensive tasks for a fair and fixed rate per deliverable.


Make your website work for you 24/7

Save a fortune on agency and IT fees

Drive organic leads & increase profits

Outrank your competitors organically

Build your media profile & visibility

Improve site speed & user experience


Write content that attracts an audience

Learn content & management systems

WHat you will learn

Health Pro Digital gets down in the trenches with you to understand your business and custom tailor each training session to your individual needs.

Website foundations

Learn the basics of hosting, registrar accounts, and content management systems so you can supercharge your site for a better user experience. These foundations go hand in hand with SEO foundations.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) foundations

You will learn the core foundations of search engine optimisation and the inner workings of search engine algorithms (i.e., ranking factors) which can make or break your appearance in search engine results.

Content development strategies

You will learn strategies to efficiently and effectively outline and storyboard your articles before you’ve even written a single paragraph. You will learn to create top notch content for humans but formatted for search engines.

Keyword research and analysis

Learn how to find valuable and relevant keywords and keyword phrases with high volume of visitors and low competition. Get this formula correct and you will create content that people are hungry for and desperate to find.

Revamping old content and making it perform

Many websites have old and meandering articles with no point or focus (because an SEO guy told them to “write content”). Learn how to turn that old junk content into gold and make it perform like a champ.

Competitor analysis strategies and how to outrank them

You must know both your competitors and your own business objectives. You can use this information to strategise and find niche areas within which your site can leverage and perform well.

Visitor analytics and understanding user engagement

You will learn how to understand your visitors and their browsing habits on your website. You can leverage this information to tweak your content to “give the people what they want.”

Website security and health maintenance

You will learn how to put security measures in place to minimise risk to your site. You’ll also learn how to assess your website’s health in real time and adjust to keep your site fighting fit.


*If you require a website audit, this is available at a discount with a training package.


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